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Family Partnerships

Children’s House recognizes the importance of cooperative family-school partnerships. We know that children whose parents are present, engaged, and participating in the school community are more successful academically, socially and emotionally than those whose families are not engaged. Parents are encouraged to participate in whatever way they can. Participating through Board membership, committee participation, or volunteering with the PTO are all viable options to model the importance of education to your child.

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Ways to Get Involved

Board Leadership

Opportunities for school leadership arise each year on the Children’s House and Elementary/Middle School Board of Directors. The best way to get involved is to join one of the leadership committees (described below: School Accountability Committee, Site Committee, etc.). For more information regarding needs, roles, responsibilities and meeting times, please see the Board of Directors link on the school’s webpage. Both Boards of Directors meet the third Monday of each month at the Beech St. location. The Children’s House Board meets at 5:00 pm, the Elementary/Middle School Board meets at 6:30 pm. These meetings are open to the public.

Parent Assistants

Within the classroom, this volunteered time is used to read with children, make materials, give unit related assessments, work on portfolios, and much more. Working directly with students requires training and this is offered two times each year. Consistent with Kiva policy, completion of training is required prior to assisting in the classroom. This practical training covers topics including school philosophy, classroom expectations, basic materials, as well as confidentiality. A refresher session is required every two (2) years. Watch the newsletter for sign-up information.

Room Parent

This vital position directly supports the teacher in creating a link between school and home. There is typically one or two room parent(s) per classroom. For more information contact the PTO.

Traffic Management

These vitally important volunteers help ensure the safety of our children during our morning drop off and afternoon pick up times. Training is provided. Contact the Executive Director for more information.

Parents as Resources

Many parents have great talents, interests, or are well traveled. Sharing these resources in our school expands the child’s world and helps us to foster curiosity. Contact your classroom teachers or our Executive Director.

Special Events

Various events are held periodically throughout the school year. They are typically school-wide, but sometimes relate to specific classrooms. Please read the school newsletter or Contact the PTO for more information.

Classroom Observation

Parent presence and participation at school is vital to your child’s success. A simple way of expressing this value is to observe your child’s classroom. We encourage parents to visit the classroom at least one time per year beginning in October. To visit a room, please check the class calendar or call your child’s teacher. We allow a maximum of two parents to be either visiting or volunteering in a class at a time.

Community Partnership Leadership Committees

Joint school (Children’s House & Elementary Charter) committees are made up of staff, board, parent, and community partners working together on specific projects and goals. For more information about each committee, contact the Board of Directors or school administration.

School Advisory Council

This committee works closely with Administration to adopt goals and objectives for the continuing improvement of education in our school, as well as serving as a body of accountability for programs, practices, achievement and decision making. This committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm, Beech Street Campus.

Budget and Financial Oversight Committee

This committee will develop and submit an annual balanced budget, an annual report, and audited financial statements to the Boards. The committee will also advise the Boards on other financial matters and business operations of the Kiva.

Curriculum Committee

This committee will ensure that an authentic Montessori curriculum is maintained by the Kiva. In addition to ensuring the authenticity of the Montessori curriculum, the Curriculum Committee will advise the Boards on other essential elements of a comprehensive Montessori program.

Parent/Teacher Organization

Our school’s Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) is an autonomous partnership of school parents and staff that serves to support school functions through parent outreach and education, volunteer coordination, staff support projects and fundraising. This group works closely with school administration to support the education, morale, and sustainability of our school community.

Recording Hours:

Upon volunteering, we ask that parents record their Parent Involvement hours; forms are located inside of your Parent Folder.